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Clients choose Executive Consultancy

in situations where ...

Executive Consultancy - Strategy | Coaching | Organisation

     The organisation struggles to

     set strategic goals

Leaders struggle to define new steps forward for the future. Herewith jeopardizing the continuïty of the organisation. People feel like they are stuck and are going in circles.

Executive Consultancy - Strategy | Coaching | Organisation

     The organisation struggles

     to implement the strategy

Processes and resources are not aligned to achieve the goals. People become frustrated with their leaders and take alternative routes. Team spirit and cooperation degrades.


Executive Consultancy - Strategy | Coaching | Organisation

     The organisation struggles to 

     reach their goals

The business proposition and/orf the organisation, lacks the required strength. Time is wasted. People start making excuses and revert to legacy strategies and behavior.


Executive Consultancy - Strategy | Coaching | Organisation

    The returns are not in line 

    with the expectations

Goals are reached but the returns are dissapointing. Low contribution margins and high fixed cost indicate an image problem and/or a lack of focus.





We help determined leaders to get clarity about what steps they can take, how and when to take them and what results they can expect.
We help build an energetic organisation where people find purpose, pride and gratification in their work.


A cup of coffee and a good conversation is often the basis for
recognition, inspiration and motivation. Do we follow up?
Than we'll go through these steps.
Determine Ambitions and Goals
so that people feel direction, get inspired, become energized and want to participate and act.
Build a Team
with members who really can and will execute the developments.
Enounce Convictions
and share these, so they become the basis for the style of leadership of the management and the behavior of employees.
Bring it to Life
by making choices and live through them, so that only the most important challenges at hand will be addressed and resolved.
so that everyone has the necessary attitude, knowledge, skills and tools.

so that everyone experiences what it means to act (or not) in accordance with choices made.


in culture and structure so that everyone will take their responsibility for their

"Results with Gratification".

Every company has its own unique set of features and challenges. So it is unlikely that there is a "one-size-fits-all" model or process that gives all answers to everybody. Therefore, we approach each issue with empathy and as explicitly unique and characteristic. We find the answers that make you stand out from the rest by being as unique as you are.

Executive Consultancy uses the principles and methodes of Swarm Organisation TM. For more information about this new and innovative organisation concept click on the logo.




That good leaders inspire people and manage "by example".

That motivated people are the key to success, regardless of content or context.
That knowing your added value is vital for every individual or organization.
That added value is our only right to exist and its strength a measure for success and growth.
That change is the only constant and therefore flexibility and creativity are imperative core qualities.


Evert Bleijenberg MBA
Unconventional Strategist
Evert Bleijenberg MBA | Executive Consultancy

Fresh Thinker, Brain Speaker, Unconventional &  Authentic in strategy and organization development. Worked for several international organisations on a board level. Had a key role in the development of several High-Tech US companies in Europe. Participated in approx. 35 mid-sized M&A projects. Knows a lot about strategy - & (re)organisation development, M&A and start-ups. Independant management consultant since 1999. Due to his unique approach he gained a reputation as being pleasantly unconventional and extremely effective.

Author of the book Swarm Organisations

Evert works with
Karoline Ligthart | Executive Consultancy
Karoline Ligthart Bsc.
Sr. Counseler
& Coach

Sr. Counseler - Coach - Mediator. Has managed and supported several SMEs. Works with people in various situations and at different levels to improve personal well-being, development and interpersonal relationships. Both in private and business matters.

Rob Heinsbroek Ing.
Sr. Management Consultant

Sr. Management Consultant - Commercial Specialist - Serial Entrepreneur. Rob is an experienced management consultant. He specializes in the integration of products, services, marketing formulas and international business development.

Drs. Danielle Bekink
Psychologist in Work & Organisation

Psychologist - Master in Work & Organization and Health at work. Danielle has worked in both the private and public sector. She has a lot of experience in the field of organizational development and reorganisations within complex organizational structures.


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